Terms & Conditions

Current terms and conditions are valid for all users and visitors of web portal Malta Freight Exchange.com. Registering with malta freight exchange.com, you automatically agree to the current terms and conditions. Administration of this site reserves full rights to change and amend contents, guidelines, fees, terms and conditions at its discretion.


User/Customer – is the consignor or consignee or their appointed transport service provider  engaged in commercial activity.

Merchant – is the Transporter or Freight Forwarder or Logistic Service Provider or entity providing ancillary services and engaged commercially in the transportation sector.

Administration – malta freight exchange.com

1. Registration

1.1 All portal users are required to fill out fields correctly with authentic data.

1.2 Registering as a user or merchant you are abiding to current terms and conditions.

1.3 Registering as a Merchant requires submission of VAT registration Number and all other mandatory fields in the malta freight exchange .com

1.4 Registering as a user requires the submission of VAT registration Number and in the case of a non business entity Identification Card Number. All Mandatory fields are to be completed with authentic data.

2. Entering inquiry

2.1 Only registered users can enter shipping and transport inquiries in malta freight exchange.com portal.

2.2 Information and data entered in maltafreightexchange.com must be authentic.

2.3 Administration reserves the right to delete and/or block any data or user should there be any evidence of misuse or abuse.

2.4 The merchant has no access to your contact details.

3. Mutual agreements of clients

3.1 The administration does not take any responsibility for data entered into Malta freight exchange.com, and for any situations arising from the cooperation of registered entities.

3.2 The user is obliged to verify the authenticity of the service provider, offers and shipping services rendered by the respective Merchant.

4. Invoices and payment

4.1 When paying by credit card  you can only use your own personal or your company credit card.

4.2 The administration undertakes not to disclose any information in respect of payments, registration fees and accounts.

4.3 The administration undertakes not to disclose client invoices to third parties.

4.4 All requests in Malta freight exchange.com are visible prior purchasing credits. The Merchant has the responsibility to ensure that there are enough requests to exhaust his credits within 30 days of purchase.

4.5 Fees paid are not refundable.

5. Copyrights

5.1 The Administration and other appropriate rights holders owns exclusive rights on all materials published on Malta freight exchange.com portal, including design elements, text, graphic images, illustrations, scripts, programs, other objects, and their combinations. Their unauthorised usage, changing and copying is prohibited.

6. The User is obliged:

6.1 To use the system for the sole purpose of filing shipping and transport inquiries in accordance to terms of use.

6.2 Not to enter any data or other information with unethical contents.

6.3 To update regularly the data provided during registration.

6.4 To protect all data whether common or personal shown in malta freight exchange.com

6.5 To take full responsibility of all activities under the respective account.

6.6 To delete enquiries when business in concluded.

7. The Merchant is obliged:

7.1 To use the system for the sole purpose of submitting shipping and freight quotations in accordance to the terms of use.

7.2 To submit accurate information and pricing in malta freight exchange .com

7.3 To protect all data whether common or personal shown in malta freight exchange.com

7.4 To update all records attributed to the merchant account.

7.5 Not to enter, submit, upload any information with unethical contents and/or advertising.

7.6 To protect password and user account information.

7.7 To take full responsibility of all activities under the respective account.

7.8 To offer services in accordance to current laws and regulations.

7.9 Uploads in Malta freight exchange.com can only contain pricing and shipping services information relating to the respective request.

8. The Administration is obliged:

8.1 Not to transfer any user related data by any means

8.2 Not to transfer any data related to the payment process

8.3 To protect all user data according to current laws and regulations

8.4 To take all measures necessary to maintain malta freight exchange.com

9. It is forbidden in the portal:

9.1 To collect or copy electronic addresses and any other information related to the portal’s user from Malta freight exchange.com database with automatic means or any in another way.

9.2 To be registered as a user under names of persons other than yours.  

9.3 To get access by any method to a user record not belonging to you.

9.4 To submit unethical records, dummy information or any other data which effect negatively other users and the functioning of maltafreightexchange.com.

9.5 To submit invalid, inaccurate data in any field.

9.6 To upload advertising material in any format.

10. The Administration reserves the right

10.1 At any time to change product or services data with or without advance notice, considering all agreements established earlier with the Client. The administration will publish changes in the User Agreement and / or other documents.

10.2 Limit or block access to the portal at own discretion to users who infringe the rules, delete any information shown, submitted or contracted including advertisements, listings and any other information.

10.3 To publish and or make public any information relating to misuse or abuse of portal malta freight exchange.com to current or prospective users by any means and this including malta freight exchange.com

10.4 In case of misuse or abuse by any Merchant, delete records in all sections of malta freight exchange.com and fees/credits purchased are not refundable.

11. Advertising

11.1 Administration reserves the right to refuse selling advertisements which conflicts with the concept of Malta freight exchange.com

11.2 Advertisements cannot contain any pricing or any other information which defies the scope of portal malta freight exchange.com

11.3 Administration reserves the right to refuse selling advertisements with unethical content.

12. Jurisdiction and Governing Law

12.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with Maltese Law.

12.2 All disputes arising shall be governed and/or determined by the Arbitration Laws of Malta and/or the Law Courts in Malta to the exclusion of the law courts or arbitration systems of any other country.


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