How It Works

By clicking on the buttons, you will be directed to the respective pages.


How it Works:

By completing a request the system will generate a concise description of your transport or shipping requirement and same is published in the 'View requests' section. Your identity is not disclosed.

Freight Forwarders or Transport Service Providers offering shipping services will submit their services and quotes based on the information you submitted.


How to Post a Request:


The Process:

By registering you will be creating your own account in the system to enable you manage your transportation and shipping requirements. There is no need to follow your submission. The system auto generates an e-mail informing you of any updates on your request with direct links to your submission.



There are no fees for registering an account as a user and submission of requests (unlimited) is always free of charge.


Your Account:

You have your own account in Malta Freight Exchange. By deleting concluded submissions you will be keeping your account up to date.


For further information please feel free to contact us.



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