Q. Are there any fees to register as a ‘User’ in Malta Freight Exchange ?
A. There are no fees to register as a ‘User’.
Q. What are the fees to submit a request for transport services?
A. Submission of requests is always free of charge in Malta Freight Exchange.
Q. Is the identity of the ‘User’ disclosed when submitting a request?
A. The identity is never disclosed.
Q. Are the contact details of Users displayed publicly on Malta Freight Exchange?
A. No, contact details are not displayed in any section of Malta Freight Exchange.
Q. Who receives my rate request?
A. Rate requests are received by Registered Merchants and are listed in Malta Freight Exchange.
Q. Will a User know who are the Merchants submitting quotations in Malta Freight Exchange?
A. Yes, the User will know who are the Merchants submitting requests.
     A Registered Merchant needs  to upload in the system a formal quotation to support his offer.
Q. Can a User know who are the Merchants receiving requests?
A. Yes, all registered Merchants are listed in the directory.
Q. How will a User know that a quotation has been submitted?
A. The User receives an e-mail generated by the system with a direct link to his request.
Q. How long does it take to receive a freight quote from Malta Freight Exchange?
A. Merchants are automatically notified via e-mail when requests are submitted.
Q. Once I accept a quote in Malta Freight Exchange, how do I stop receiving more quotations?
A. Upon accepting the offer you can delete your request.
     The system will prompt you for such an action.
For any other questions please feel free to contact us.
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