Transport is a link between Supplier and Receiver. Malta Freight  will give the user an overview of options, prices currently available and  market exposure from one source. On the other hand, the Service provider will have a clear overview of cargo available for transportation from one platform of information.

The choice of transportation depends on various factors like cost, frequency, reliability and timing. Transport is all about receiving the goods when and where they are needed in good condition.

Whether the choice of transportation is via Land, Sea or Air or multimodal, the User will have an overview of services, modes available with updated information free of carge. The Service provider has unlimited access to all information and requests filed in the system and can offer his service accoringly.

Each transport introduces certain costs and risks that can be mitigated by the right choice of dispatch, appropriate packaging, collaboration between supplier, receiver, transporter and insurance cover. It is always to be remembered that the freight cost is not an insurance premium. A successful insurance settlement does not compensate for the inconvenience caused by the receipt of damaged or pilfered cargo.

All parties involved in the chain of transportation have their respective responsibilities and obligations which are governed by laws and regulations. does not in any way alleviate such.

We trust that you find Malta Freight useful and we take pride in hosting each and every user.